• Free Consultations
  • Listing & Cataloging of Items
  • Set-up
  • Clerks, Cashiers
  • Security
  • Advertising
  • Tents/Tables
  • Porta-John
  • Food Wagon

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Most of the time items at auction are simple general merchandise everybody has a use for. So maybe there is not a need for expansive advertising coverage. But then, there are those key items that are hard to find, rare and desire a particular group or individual to buy. In this event marketing that piece becomes more of a challenge. Simply put- there is a need to broadan the scope of advertising and contacts by using larger newspapers or publications even specialized mail list. Merritt auctioneers have the resources and know how to accomplish this.

  • Newspapers
  • Local Shoppers Guides
  • Hand Bills (Flyers)
  • Large Mailings
  • Signage
  • Hand Delivered to Neighborhood, Banks, Stores, Etc.
  • Internet
  • Farmers Advance
  • Antique Trader
  • Auction Exchange

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Tim is a certified appraiser adhering to a strict code of ethics assured by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice(USPAP). Receiving this designation from the Auction Marketing Institute in 2004.

  • Graduate Personal Property Appraiser(GPPA).
  • Clients include, businesses, attorneys, banks, museums.
  • Able to appraise antiques, equipment, machinery, vehicles
  • All types of personal property.

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  • Merritt Auction Service has many different tents for weddings, open houses, festivals, carnivals and auctions.
  • We can cover a party of 50 or 240.
  • We have been known to tie 2 or more tents together to handle larger events.
  • (5) 20×20, (11) 20×30, (2) 20×40, (7) 30×50, (3) 30×60
  • (130) 8′ tables
  • (1300) chairs

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We are available to move your one of a kind masterpiece or your entire collection. Our crew have good strong backs, trucks, trailers, & vans.

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